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About DAAG

Digital Asset Advocacy Group (DAAG) is a not-for-profit organization that promotes safe and regulated digital currency lending, depository and other consumer financial practices. DAAG will accomplish its mission through raising awareness on current harmful trends, developing and promoting industry standards with a focus on protecting consumers and businesses that engage in crypto lending, educating the public on the digital currency industry as a whole, and advocating for digital currency stakeholders, consumers and regulators to advance a more secure and ethical emerging market.

Through research, education, and grassroots activism, DAAG is highlighting the bad actors that threaten to not only undermine the integrity of digital currency, but harm consumers through unconscionable lending practices.

Regardless of whether you support or oppose the use of digital currencies, we can all agree that consumers should not be taken advantage of by predatory lenders. If states are going to legalize and regulate crypto lending, they should do it in a safe way that prioritizes the interests of the consumer first and foremost.

Please click below for a refresher on cryptocurrency and crypto lending.
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Hear from DAAG member Laura Adams on why more consumer education is critical in the crypto-lending space.

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