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Filing formal complaints about predatory crypto lenders can help ensure policymakers and regulators are aware of the companies involved and their bad practices. It is only through increased awareness that they can consider taking enforcement action and creating the policies and regulations to keep crypto customers safe.

You can use the links below to file a complaint directly with the attorney general or regulator in your state and to share your experiences and lessons learned with the broader community. Don’t forget to tag us in your posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit. Together we can help improve awareness of the risks.

How you can help

File a Complaint With Your AG or Regulator

Select your state to find out how to contact your attorney general or regulator office directly.

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Email Your Attorney General

Use our easy form to send an email to your attorney general. This feature is currently available for 34 states and Washington, DC.

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Share A Testimonial

Share your personal experience with crypto lending.

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